Step 1
Establish and define our relationship
We would generally conduct this stage of the process through a face-to-face meeting. There will not usually be a charge for this initial meeting and is intended for us to see how we might work together.

Our services are very clear so we will discuss these with you and our responsibilities. We will find out what you are truly looking for and whether we can assist you. Our fees can be fully outlined at this stage and the options available in paying for our services.

Usually we would follow up this meeting with a written proposal and fee agreement whilst reconfirming what work we will be undertaking for you.
Step 2
Collate data and set objectives
Now we know a bit more about you and confirmed agreement to our fees, we can move on to obtaining all the information we will require and ensure we fully understand your situation.

We would typically do this face to face by completing our fact find process. This records actual information about you so we know where you are today and defines what you would like to achieve in the future. This could be retiring at a certain age, education planning, or what you would like to happen on death.

At this stage we would also obtain further information on your existing plans and you would provide us with the authorisation to contact the various companies you might have existing financial products with.

Finally, we will spend some time understanding the risks you are prepared to accept from your assets, and that these match your expectations. This is important and we find managing and understanding your expectations creates a much healthier relationship.
Step 3
Analyse and evaluate
Once we have all the information to assess your position we can start to develop your financial plan. We would aim to provide you with a complete picture on your current situation and whether your goals are achievable based on the information available.
Step 4
Develop and present the financial plan
This is the process that draws most on our expertise and skills. We are now fully aware of your position and objectives so we can make recommendations that can help you achieve your goals.

We aim to present these in a manner that will be easy to understand and allow you to make informed decisions on moving forward.
Step 5
Implement the financial plan
You have now considered the recommendations we have put forward and will hopefully take those forward. Usually we will be involved in the process but can also work with other professionals such as solicitors and accountants.
Step 6
Monitor the financial plan
This stage is just as important as creating the initial plan. It is likely you would have selected one of our on-going service levels which will allow us to revisit your financial plan, usually annually but perhaps every two years.

We can allow for any changes in your circumstances, how we have progressed but also discuss areas outside of your control such as changes to taxation or legislation.