Investment Partners

At Mathews Comfort we understand our role lies in being your Financial Planner and NOT your investment manager. Whilst we understand investments and markets, with an informed overview, we cannot possibly monitor your investments on a regular basis.

We prefer to spend time in front of our clients, ensuring you are comfortable with the investment providers we have recommended, and getting the risks right for your circumstances. It would be difficult to do this if we had to monitor your individual investment portfolio throughout the year.

Preferred Investment Partners – Our Selection Process

We spent some time assessing the market to ensure the investment partners we select are appropriate for the majority of our clients. There are many factors to consider but some of the more important criteria for us, and in turn our clients, would be: -

  • Competitive Charges
  • Volatility Control (the scale of ups and downs)
  • Targeted Returns
  • On-going monitoring and reviews
  • Diversification

Taking this into account, we then select investment providers to deliver our proposition for the majority of our clients.

We are independent and understand that in some circumstances our preferred investment partners may not be suitable for you. If this is the case, we will let you know the alternative options you might have.

Our current Investment Partners

Our current selected investment partners are: -

  • Seven Investment Management (7im)
  • Royal London Governed Portfolio’s

We feel the current investment partners offer a good and suitable selection of funds for a selection of our clients. Each manager offers something different so we are able to select a suitable option for you depending on management style and the size of your investment / pension portfolio. Further information is given below.

Seven Investment Management (7im)

7im have been chosen as our manager of choice due to their range of multi asset portfolio’s where we can achieve a wide level of diversification. Seven Investment Management (7IM) were launched in 2002 by seven financial services professionals who wanted to provide a company that would offer a common sense approach to investment and cut through the layers of charges and complexity they had found so prevalent in the marketplace.

At the same time they wanted to innovate and take the lead in providing institutional methods of portfolio management to retail clients introduced to them by Financial Planners and Wealth Managers.

7IM provide a range of risk-rated, multi-asset class fund of funds that benefit from 7IM's approach to asset allocation-driven client portfolios. These look to reduce risk and increase the potential return through diversification.

Royal London Governed Portfolio’s

Royal London are a specialist pension provider who have developed a range of Governed Portfolio’s for Mathews Comfort Financial Services. There are 9 to choose from and each reflects a different level of risk and term to retirement. The Governed Portfolios identify suitable asset allocations - the proportion that should be invested in different assets / funds such as equities, property, fixed interest and cash - based on attitude to risk and length of investment. A total of nine portfolios are available covering various risk levels over different time horizons. This means whatever your attitude to risk and period of time until retirement there is a portfolio to suit you.

All of the Governed Portfolios are subject to a strict governance process overseen by a panel of investment experts; Scottish Life’s Investment Advisory Committee. This Committee review and recommend changes to the asset allocation to reflect market conditions. This provides the peace of mind that the objectives of the Governed Portfolios will continue to be met over time.

Discretionary Options

Our chosen investment partners form the core of investment services offered to our clients. However, we do have a large number of clients where they feel a more ‘hands on’ and bespoke investment manager fits their requirements.

This tends to happen where an individual has a large portfolio, perhaps in excess of £500,000, or you just want to engage further with their chosen fund manager. Please see our guide to discretionary management which provides further information on this type of service.

We work with many discretionary managers, based locally in Oxford, or London. If this is an approach we feel fits your circumstances, we will arrange for you to meet one, or more, of the available managers to discuss this type of service in more detail and for them to explain how they manage your money.