Cash Flow Planning
Planning can be defined as ‘the process of deciding in detail how to do something’ and it certainly makes sense to plan ahead when dealing with major life decisions.

In nearly all instances, finances will dictate your life goals and ambitions. But it can be difficult to know how much you’ll have in the future, especially if you factor in the ‘what ifs’. For example, what if we bought a second home/retired early/took a cruise/bought a nice car/visited Australia/paid for the grandchildren’s education?’ Each would make life interesting but could have an adverse effect on your finances. 

Then there are the difficult ‘what ifs’. What if we need long term care? What if I’m left by myself? What if we don’t have enough income to retire? And that’s before you even think about legislation, taxation, stock market movements and product advancements. For example, who’d have thought you’d be able to take out all the money from your pension from age 55? That one piece of legislation alone could change your long term plans completely. 

A personalised plan

All these factors show why it’s so important to have an up to date Lifetime Cash Flow Plan. We use sophisticated modelling when preparing an individual plan, enabling us to assess your current financial situation, see whether you’re likely to achieve your future objectives and what you need to do to keep your plan on track. 

It asks such questions as: Will my attitude to investment risk affect my long-term growth? What level of investment return do I need to achieve my objectives? What will my income and tax position be when I retire? How will inflation affect my savings and income over the longer term? Might I run out of money? How much inheritance tax will my family have to pay?’

To learn more about Cashflow forecasting, watch this brief video:


When preparing cash flow plans, we use a system known as Voyant, which presents complicated financial planning in an easy-to-understand way. It enables us to assess your future cash flow by forecasting your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. We can then look at some of the ‘what ifs’ to see how things might change - if good and not so good things happen - and come up with a robust plan. 

We aim to create a personalised plan that takes account of your circumstances, aspirations and concerns, enabling you to better understand your financial future and make better decisions. To find out more about Voyant and how we can prepare a personalised plan for you, call us today on 01865 208 000.

Planning with Voyant

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